The most important features of an e-bike MTB

You can often recognize such a bike directly by the engine on older or particularly cheap models. This is very conspicuously attached to the specially shaped frame in the bottom bracket area.

Fortunately, the image of the motor looking like a foreign body is largely a thing of the past. The models offered in the ENGWE online shop often offer such good integration of the drive that you probably wouldn't even identify them as E-MTBs at first glance.

In addition, the frame geometry is characterized by its flatter steering angle and the significantly sloping top tube - also known as sloping geometry - compared to city and trekking e-bikes. In contrast to mountain bikes without a motor, the seat angle is often a little steeper. This means that the additional power can be optimally transferred to the ground even uphill.

Since an E-MTB usually does not have a luggage rack, manufacturers often cleverly integrate the battery into the down tube of the frame.

Who is the e-bike mountain bike right for?

Many passionate cyclists have often faced insurmountable obstacles when thinking about mountain biking in rural and mountainous regions. In addition, many starting points in particularly attractive trail areas are often located in low-lying, rather intimidating valleys. Without a lift or shuttle, the route to the starting point is very strenuous and at some point the area is no longer passable.

With modern e-bike mountain bikes, these challenges are a thing of the past. These bikes combine the versatile off-road capabilities of conventional mountain bikes with the additional support of an electric motor. They offer an attractive option, especially for ambitious people with physical limitations and beginners to MTB sports. They effectively expand your radius of action to include approved forest and hiking trails and paths and invite you to tackle even difficult inclines that would otherwise be considered too steep. Of course, there are women's e-mountain bikes that are designed with special ergonomic features to maximize comfort and performance for female riders.

Engwe m20

E-MTB Fully – front and rear suspension

When we talk about a fully suspension bike in the cycling world, it is a bike with full suspension that has a movable chassis at both the front and rear. At the front there is a suspension fork, while at the rear a rear linkage system with a spring damper is used. This design allows the wheels to move almost independently of the frame and rider in the event of bumps and bumps. In addition, the forces generated when hitting obstacles are not transmitted directly to the bike or the rider, but are ideally comfortably dampened as long as there is contact with the ground.

This proven chassis concept for mountain bikes is also ideal for E-MTBs, as the weight to be suspended is increased by the additional frame, motor, battery and control unit. Due to the mass distribution - especially the larger, sluggishly sprung mass - the chassis can sometimes even function better than on very light E-MTB fullys without a motor.

For example, fully e-bikes like the Engwe M20 , E26 , ENGINE PRO and Engine X feature a front and rear suspension system that provides outstanding comfort and excellent handling on a variety of terrain. These models not only excel on rough mountain trails, but also offer a smooth and comfortable ride on urban streets.

However, there are also downsides. Full-suspension e-mountain bikes usually have a significantly higher purchase price than e-MTB hardtails and can be more susceptible to chassis problems.

engwe eigine x

Equipment and accessories specifically for e-bike mountain bikes

Electric mountain bikes (E-MTBs) require special equipment and accessories to maximize their performance and safety. One of the most important components is the battery , which provides sufficient range and power. High-quality and long-lasting batteries are crucial, and there are often options for spare or additional batteries to enable longer tours. Special chargers and protective cases are also important to protect the battery from the elements and impacts. A stable and durable frame that can bear the additional weight of the motor and battery is also essential, as are reinforced tires and brakes that can withstand the increased loads.

In addition to the basic equipment, there are a variety of accessories designed specifically for e-MTBs. These include powerful lighting systems that ensure sufficient visibility even at high speeds, as well as navigation systems and GPS trackers that are useful for longer and more remote tours. Mudguards and chain guards are also important to protect the rider and the mechanics from mud and dirt. In addition, special clothing such as padded gloves and robust helmets are recommended to increase riding comfort and safety. All of these components and accessories help to optimize the riding experience on an e-MTB and ensure the longevity of the vehicle.

Bicycle brands for mountain bikes

There are numerous reputed brands like Specialized, Trek, Giant, Cube, Scott, Engwe etc that are known for their high-quality mountain bikes. Among them, the Cube Fully e-bike is particularly impressive and Scott's e-bike models are known for their advanced technology and performance. Engwe Fully e-bikes combine state-of-the-art technology with robust design to offer an outstanding riding experience on challenging terrain.

What advantages does an e-mountain bike fully offer?

An e-bike fully offers several advantages over conventional bicycles. With full suspension at both the front and rear, it offers improved traction and control on demanding terrain. This increases driving comfort and reduces the strain on the driver, especially on long tours or technical descents. The suspension also helps minimize fatigue and allows for faster recovery between rides. These features make the E-Bike Fully particularly suitable for off-road adventures and demanding trails, where the combination of electric drive and suspension offers optimal performance and safety.

How do you choose the perfect e-bike MTB?

Choosing the perfect MTB e-bike requires careful consideration of several factors. First, you should consider the intended use, whether it is intended for trails, everyday driving or off-road adventures. The motor power and battery capacity play a crucial role in the range and performance of the e-bike. The suspension is also important: a downhill e bike offers more comfort on uneven terrain, while hardtails (with only front suspension) can be lighter and more efficient. Other aspects such as frame size, tire profile, brakes and equipment should be selected according to personal preferences and riding conditions. Before purchasing, it is advisable to do test rides and seek advice from experts in order to find the MTB e-bike that best suits your individual requirements.

engwe e26


This guide answers some questions about e-bike MTB and I hope it can be helpful to you when making your purchase.

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