The advantages of e-bike accessories

From A for battery cover to Z for additional mirror – the variety of special e-bike accessories is impressive. This is no coincidence, as these accessories offer numerous benefits that can improve your e-bike experience. The reasons for this are clear: a well-equipped e-bike rides more smoothly and the right equipment ensures that you travel more comfortably and safely.

For example, e-bike accessories can help you be seen better in traffic. Your own perception of the current traffic situation can also be improved with the right equipment. When it comes to functionality, accessories for Pedelecs also offer a lot of potential for optimization: E-bike parts such as additional battery holders increase the range. Luggage racks offer more storage space. And e-bike rearview mirrors enable a back-friendly and neck-friendly view to the rear.

Accessories for e-bikes at a glance

Whether everyday life, repairs, safety or maintenance - accessories for e-bikes can be advantageous in numerous situations. In order to give you a comprehensive overview of our range of specific electric bicycle equipment, we will introduce you to the most important accessories.

1. E-bike batteries & chargers

High-quality batteries and chargers are the core components of an e-bike and ensure that your electric bike remains efficient even after extended use. Battery-powered bikes are a great option for environmentally conscious commuters in urban areas.

Choosing a battery with a large capacity and fast charging speed can significantly increase the range and allow you to drive without worry. Choosing a smart charger allows the charging power to be automatically adjusted according to the battery condition, thereby extending the battery life.

engwe Battrie und Ladekabel

2. E-bike lighting

LED lights provide bright and long-lasting illumination, which is essential for nighttime riding. Opt for models that provide comprehensive visibility through front and rear lights .

3. E-bike rear view mirror

An e-bike rearview mirror is essential for better visibility and increased safety. Mirrors from renowned brands such as Busch, Müller and Engwe offer different versions that can be easily mounted on your e-bike and help you keep an eye on the traffic behind you.

4. E-bike luggage racks & baskets

Robust luggage racks are essential for any e-bike designed for daily use. They not only provide enough space for luggage and shopping, but also stability and safety while riding. The Thule bike rack for e-bikes is easy to install and offers a stable mount. Engwe's range of luggage racks is characterized by their durable construction that is both lightweight and resilient.

You can benefit from the bicycle basket on the front of the e-bike by allowing you to easily transport shopping bags or personal items. That's why you should definitely not buy an e-bike with a front basket like this L20 miss.

There is also a rear bicycle basket for e-bike, which provides additional storage space for larger items such as backpacks or shopping bags, ideal for longer trips or everyday use in the city.

e-bike hinterer Korb

5. E-bike bike bag

If your e-bike does not have a luggage rack or bicycle basket and you still need storage space, an e-bike bicycle bag is very useful. The handlebar bag for the e-bike offers a practical solution for storing small items such as keys, wallets and cell phones while riding. The e-bike bicycle bag for the luggage rack is a practical solution for safely storing personal items while riding.

A waterproof bag is ideal for outdoor activities and will protect your valuables from moisture and humidity, even in bad weather. If you have a larger storage need, you can consider this 7-liter bike bag .

6. E-Bike bicycle lock & alarm

E-Bike bicycle lock offers a safe way to protect your electric bike from theft and to secure it at all times. You can park your bike safely at any time and in any place.

In addition to locking the bike directly, you can also choose an anti-theft vibration alarm with a USB port. It can trigger an alarm when the bike is moving to prevent theft.

7. E-Bike Helm

Safety is a priority. Don't forget to wear a helmet when cycling. It effectively protects your head from injuries in unexpected collisions and allows you to enjoy cycling carefree.

8. E-bike mobile phone holder

If you want to use your phone for navigation, calls or music while riding and at the same time want to ensure that it is firmly attached to the e-bike, a cell phone holder for the e-bike is highly recommended.

Engwe Handyhalterung

9. E-bike saddle

Upgrade your ride with comfortable seating options from Engwe, such as silicone bike seats and ergonomic design with shock absorbers for smoother rides on uneven terrain.

10. E-Bike repair tools & pumps

E-bike repair tools are indispensable for every cyclist who goes on long rides. It provides the necessary tools for small repairs on the go, such as tightening screws or adjusting brakes.

Electric bicycle pumps are especially important for maintaining your e-bike, as they allow you to regularly check and adjust tire pressure to ensure a safe and comfortable ride.


Whether you commute to work every day or go on occasional trips - with the right accessories for your e-bike you can travel comfortably and safely. In our online shop you will find a wide selection of products that not only fit your e-bike , but also improve your riding experience. Discover our large and immediately available range and experience how the right accessories take your e-bike to a new level.

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