More than just a convenient means of transport, cycling symbolizes a sustainable lifestyle for us and enables more people to enjoy outdoor sports.


The story begins with the adventure of three young cycling enthusiasts - they were quite confident that they could complete a 38 mile mountainous route in 5 hours. Unexpectedly, they drove uphill in the shadow of the mountain all day. As the night grew darker, they felt cold and exhausted. They couldn't ride for the final 16 miles and had to push their bikes up the mountain against the wind. Carl said, "If only we had bicycles with electricity that could give us rides." The three young people couldn't stop talking about it and had a great time. They decided to upgrade their equipment and challenge themselves once again. Unfortunately, this project was stopped due to high costs.


Coincidentally, their campus hosted a technology innovation and entrepreneurship competition, where the three young people won the goodwill of the organizing committee with their ingenious idea for an electric bike. The three founders have been researching electric bikes ever since and formally established their own company under the name " ENGWE " five years later. Little did they know that eight years later, their electric bikes would be sold worldwide and have nearly a million fans. ENGWE aims to produce e-bikes with more advanced features and trendier designs, while remaining true to their original concept and consistently maintaining a low-cost and functional approach.


Today the business is thriving with hundreds of employees and users. Every day in the office you see people happily cycling and communicating. You could work in product development, research and development, design, sales, marketing or customer service - everyone has the opportunity to experience the products. We are passionate about health, sport and life. We believe that through passionate work we can deliver good products and experiences to our customers. We welcome your feedback and look forward to discovering new ways to travel with you.


Facing the future of sustainable development, ENGWE will continue to promote the development of the electric vehicle industry and help create a low-carbon society. What we are currently doing is equivalent to planting 216,520+ trees, which can release 10,610 kg of oxygen and absorb 14,507 kg of carbon dioxide every day. Our goal is to improve the lives of 50 million people every year and increase the greening rate of 80 million acres of land by 2030. We hope to have an impact on your life and empower you, and our continued innovation will continue to impress you.