In recent years , e-bikes , or electric bicycles, have grown in popularity. Thanks to their versatility and the assistance of an electric motor, they are ideal for commuters , recreational cyclists, and adventurers alike. But with so many models on the market, choosing the right e-bike can be overwhelming. This is where e-bike test winners come in. In this article, you will learn why test winners are important and which models will take the top spots in 2024.

Why are e-bike test winners important?

E-bike test winners are models that perform particularly well in various tests and comparisons. These tests are carried out by independent organizations, consumer portals and specialist magazines and take into account numerous factors such as:

• Engine power
• Battery life
• Comfort and driving experience
• Security features
• Price-performance ratio

Test winners offer reliable guidance for buyers who are looking for a high-quality, powerful and long-lasting e-bike.

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The best e-bike test winners 2024

1. Bosch Performance Line CX

The Bosch Performance Line CX is a favorite among the e-bike test winners. With a powerful motor and excellent battery life, this model is perfect for demanding tours and mountainous terrain. The integrated battery and simple design make it an attractive choice for style-conscious cyclists.


• Powerful engine with 85 Nm torque

• Long battery life of up to 120 km

• High-quality workmanship and modern design

2. Riese & Müller Supercharger

The Riese & Müller Supercharger is another top model that has impressed in numerous tests. It is characterized by its double battery capacity, which enables particularly long journeys, and its excellent workmanship.


• DualBattery technology for extra-long ranges

• Robust and durable construction

• Comfortable suspension for rough terrain

3. Specialized Turbo Vado

The Specialized Turbo Vado is an urban e-bike test winner that is particularly suitable for daily commuting. With its lightweight frame and fast acceleration, it is ideal for city driving.


• Lightweight and stable frame

• Fast and smooth acceleration

• Modern and slim design

4. Elephants L2

A stylish and modern e-bike for women, the L20 can travel up to 140 kilometers on a single charge. With 7-speed Shimano gears, this women's gravel e-bike offers smooth and efficient gear shifting, ideal for both city commutes and longer tours.

Here's one of the main reasons why it's a test winner among women's e-bikes:


• 20*4.0 thick tires, conquer any terrain

• The frame is perfectly adapted to the woman's anatomy

• Maximum range: up to 140 km

Engwe l20

5. Elephant M2

The M20 is a high-performance 750 watt e-bike that has performed excellently in numerous tests. Dual batteries allow for a longer ride. The speed can reach 45 km/h. The dual suspension helps to effectively absorb bumps on the track and ensures a comfortable and stable ride, even on challenging terrain.


• 1000W peak power motor

• Can climb gradients of 10 degrees

• Dual batteries for longer journeys and additional power

6. Elephant EP-2 Pro

Engwe EP-2 Pro is a foldable e-bike that is suitable for various terrains and is designed for practicality and durability. It is equipped with a range of high-quality components, making it an ideal choice for daily commuting and leisure rides.


• 45 km/h maximum speed

• Foldable design, easy to store and carry

• 7-speed Shimano shifting, provides a smooth and efficient shifting experience

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What should you pay attention to when buying an e-bike test winner?

There are a few important aspects to consider when buying an e-bike test winner:

Range and battery life:

Consider how far you will typically drive and choose a model with an appropriate battery capacity. Make sure that the battery provides sufficient energy even in adverse conditions, such as cold or steep climbs. Some models offer the option of carrying a spare battery, which can significantly extend the range.

Engine power:

A powerful engine is particularly important for mountainous routes or heavy loads. Make sure the engine has enough power to meet your needs. A powerful motor ensures a smooth and comfortable ride, even on steep climbs and under heavy loads.


Make sure you have good suspension and an ergonomic saddle . High-quality suspension, both front and rear, can absorb vibrations and shocks on uneven roads, which provides additional comfort, especially on longer rides. An ergonomic saddle supports your sitting position and reduces pressure points, so you can sit comfortably even on longer tours.

Engwe 's top models offer outstanding comfort. They are your ideal companion for every ride.

Security features:

Brakes, lighting and other safety features should not be neglected. Make sure that the e-bike is equipped with high-quality disc brakes that work reliably even in wet conditions. Powerful lighting ensures that you can see and be seen well even in the dark. Reflectors and rear lights also increase your visibility in traffic.


An e-bike test winner offers an excellent opportunity to find the ideal electric bike. The above models are just a few examples of the best e-bikes 2024. By choosing test winners, you can be sure to get a high-quality, powerful and reliable e-bike that meets your needs.

Discover the freedom and driving fun that an e-bike test winner can offer you and make your next trip an unforgettable experience!

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