Father's Day, a special day honoring all fathers, is celebrated in many countries. In Germany, Father's Day falls on Ascension Day, which is always a Thursday. Regionally, the day is also referred to as “Men’s Day” or “Men’s Day”.

Father's Day 2024 falls on May 9th. This day is a great opportunity to show the fathers in our lives how much we appreciate them. In this guide you will find the best ideas and tips to make Father's Day unforgettable.

Is Father’s Day a holiday?

Father's Day is not a public holiday in Germany, but is often celebrated on the same day as Ascension Day, which is a public holiday. Many employees have time off on this day because Ascension Day is a public holiday, which means Father's Day is traditionally celebrated.

Origin of Father’s Day

International origin

Father's Day has its roots in the USA. The first Father's Day was celebrated in 1910 in Spokane, Washington, at the initiative of Sonora Smart Dodd, who wanted to honor her father, a Civil War veteran and single father. The holiday slowly spread and was officially recognized as a national holiday in the United States in 1972 by President Richard Nixon.

German origin

In Germany, Father's Day falls on Ascension Day, a Christian holiday celebrated 40 days after Easter. The exact origin of the German Father's Day celebrations is not precisely documented, but there is evidence that they began in the 19th century. On Ascension Day, a public holiday, men traditionally began to go on hikes or excursions, often with handcarts and copious amounts of beer.

Today’s meaning behind Father’s Day


In many other countries, including the United States, Father's Day is celebrated on the third Sunday in June. It is a day to honor fathers and show them gratitude and appreciation. Children and families often give gifts, cards or organize special activities to celebrate their fathers.

In Germany

Father's Day in Germany has a double meaning: it is both a religious holiday and a secular men's day. While some families use the day to honor their fathers and spend time together, many men take part in traditional "Father's Day tours." These tours, often with handcarts loaded with beer and other drinks, are an opportunity for men to party and have fun with friends.

Gift ideas for Father's Day

Choosing the perfect gift can be challenging. Here are some ideas that will surely delight your father:

1. Personalized Father’s Day Gifts

Personalized Father's Day gifts such as engraved glasses, personalized t-shirts or photo books are always a good choice. They show that you have put some thought into giving him something special and have taken his personality and interests into account.

2. Handmade gifts for Father's Day

Handmade gifts have a special value. Make a card, create a photo album or bake a cake. These gestures show love and appreciation.

Some fathers love Father's Day gifts from children. The children implemented great craft ideas for Father's Day at school.

3. Experience gifts for father

A shared experience can often be worth more than a material gift. Plan a day trip, a picnic, or a visit to your dad's favorite restaurant. Such experiences create lasting memories.

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4. Technology gadgets as Father's Day gift ideas

If your favorite dad is a fan of digital technology, you can't miss the following Father's Day ideas for Father's Day. Smartwatches are the perfect gift for the tech-savvy dad as they are not only stylish but also extremely functional. If your father is a music lover, Bluetooth speaker would be an excellent choice. E-readers are the perfect Father's Day gift ideas for dads who love reading.

Father's Day Activities

In addition to gifts, shared activities are a great way to celebrate Father's Day 2024. Do you want to give your dad a unique gift for Father's Day?

Here are some suggestions:

1. Hiking or cycling

Use the day off to explore nature together. A hike or bike ride offers the perfect opportunity for conversations and shared experiences.

The best dads are always very hardworking, so you could gift him a versatile e-bike on this day. It is equipped with an electric drive system, does not require any pedaling of your own and allows him to, which makes cycling or daily commuting even more enjoyable . Popular city e-bikes for men would be a great Father's Day gift idea. Safety is essential especially during a ride on Father's Day. Please remember to wear a helmet .

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2. The grill

A barbecue in the garden is a classic Father's Day activity. Invite family and friends, prepare delicious food and enjoy time together.

3. Game night

Spend the evening playing board games or cards. It's a relaxed and fun way to spend time together.

4. Family outings

On Father's Day, you can plan a relaxing picnic in the park to enjoy nature and spend time together as a family.

A visit to the zoo or museum on Father's Day is a wonderful opportunity to discover new animals together or explore exciting exhibitions.

Short Father's Day sayings: Wish you a happy Father's Day 2024

Like Mother's Day , this special day is dedicated to fathers. In everyday life, many things often remain unsaid.

Father's Day sayings are a nice way to say "thank you" to dad in a short, funny or loving way and to wish him "Happy Father's Day".

The following Father's Day sayings can help you express love and gratitude for your father.

“Happiness is having a dad like you.”

“You are the hero of my childhood, the role model of my youth and a friend for life. Here’s to you, Dad!”

“You’re doing a great job as a dad!”

“Your wisdom and patience have made me who I am today.”

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Why is Father’s Day important?

Father's Day is a valuable opportunity to show our gratitude and appreciation to fathers. In our hectic everyday lives, we often forget how important our fathers are to us. Father's Day reminds us to pause and honor that special person.


In this guide, you'll learn about the origins of Father's Day, as well as Father's Day gift ideas and some activities you can do on this day. I hope this helps you express your gratitude and love to your father on Father's Day.

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