A folding e-bike with 20 inch wheels offers the perfect combination of mobility and practical design. These compact bikes are ideal for commuters and adventurers alike as they are easy to fold and transport.

In order to provide you with the best possible support in finding the right 20-inch folding bike, we have put together the answers to the most frequently asked questions about our 20-inch folding bike range. If you need further advice, we will be happy to contact you by email (service@engwe-bikes.com) available.

Driving characteristics of the 20 inch folding e-bike

Today's technically advanced folding bikes have hardly any differences in their riding characteristics compared to modern city bikes. With a 20 inch folding bike you can not only ride on asphalt roads, but also gravel and forest paths.

However, folding bikes with small tires reach their limits on off-road routes or downhill trails. A folding bike with a larger tire profile is more suitable for such tours. However, with a folding bike with a wheel size of 20 inches, you don't have to pedal as often because the gear ratio is specially designed for this. The cadence corresponds to that of larger wheels.

What folding technology do we use for 20 inch folding bikes?

The folding technique for 20-inch folding bikes varies depending on the manufacturer. Usually, small city cars are designed to fold up in a very short time. Engwe folding bikes can be folded up in 3 simple steps in a maximum of 30 seconds.

The folding bike manufacturer, on the other hand, relies on a folding mechanism hidden in the frame tube. With Engwe folding bikes, the handlebars can be folded down, the saddle pushed in and the pedals folded in. This means that the folding bikes can be folded down to a minimal size; an Engwe 20-inch folding bike can even fit on the back seat of a car.

What types of gears are available on a 20-inch electric folding bike ?

Many of the folding bikes designed for city traffic are equipped with a hub gear that has 2 to 14 gears. The new 20-inch folding e-bike with hub gear is ideal for daily commutes in the city and weekend adventures.

Shimano is a leading manufacturer of bicycle components and offers both derailleur gears and hub gears. Shimano's well-known hub gears include the Nexus and Alfine series. A 7-speed gear system from Shimano, which is used on Engwe's 20-inch folding bike Engine X for example, offers particular riding comfort.

In addition, the X-series features a Shimano 8-speed gear system that ensures smooth and efficient gear changes. This gear system allows riders to effortlessly adapt to different terrain and riding conditions, maximizing both comfort and performance. Additionally, the X-series bikes are equipped with high-quality brakes and a robust frame construction that ensure a safe and stable ride.

Advantages of the 20-inch folding e-bike with hub gear

A hub gear is characterized by its low maintenance requirements. It is reliable and robust, allows you to change gear while stationary and offers protection from dirt and the weather. A 20-inch folding e-bike with hub gears is therefore ideal for daily use on short and medium distances.

Buying tip for electric folding bike 20 inches

If you have to overcome several inclines on your preferred cycling route, an e-folding bike is particularly practical as it saves your own energy. When buying a Pedelec, it is important to pay attention to the battery life and the weight of the battery, as the auxiliary motor makes the 20-inch electric folding bike heavier. If you have to carry your folding bike frequently, the total weight should be as low as possible.

20 inch folding bikes model presentation

Our 20-inch folding bike range offers a variety of models that are characterized by their high quality and innovative technology. These include both e-bikes and classic folding bikes, all of which are equipped with robust frames and reliable gears. Whether for the daily commute or for spontaneous weekend trips, our folding bikes offer comfort and flexibility. We also attach great importance to a low overall weight so that the bikes are easy to transport. Visit us and find the perfect folding bike for your needs.

All bikes meet the highest technical standards and are recommended, but some models are particularly popular with our customers.

20 inch folding bike ENGINE PRO

If you are looking for a durable 20-inch fat bike folding bike, the ENGWE PRO model is the right choice. The Chinese bicycle manufacturer has many years of experience and has been producing folding bikes since 2014. The 20-inch folding bike has an 8-speed hub gear with chain guard, mudguards and a lighting system, so it is fully equipped.

The frame is newly upgraded from 3-stage aluminum folding frame, overall the folding bike weighs about 31 kg. The model is suitable for cyclists up to 1.89 m tall, as the optimal saddle height can no longer be adjusted for taller people. It's a great 20 inch folding bike for everyday use with no frills, but equipped with everything you need for city riding.

ein Mann fährt mit Engwe Engine Pro

EP-2 Pro folding bike 20 inch

If you want to buy a cheap e-bike for around 1000 euros , the EP-2 Pro is a good choice. The folding bike's 7-speed hub gear ensures that you can move forward effortlessly even on steep inclines. This folding bike is also equipped with a 960W hub motor, a high-performance battery with 624 Wh and a lighting system.

The bike can be folded into a handy size of 76 x 99 x 55 cm within 10 seconds. The 20-inch folding bike is suitable for cyclists up to 1.90 m tall. The cork handles and the matching saddle ensure an elegant appearance.

ein Mann fährt mit engwe ep-2pro


E-bike folding bikes with 20 inch wheels are an excellent choice for anyone who values ​​flexibility, comfort and environmental friendliness. The test winner among the 20-inch folding e-bikes impresses with its outstanding performance and compact design, which is ideal for city trips and commuters.

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