Are you tired of having to pedal hard to move forward? Are you tired of being drenched in sweat all over your body after driving? Are you tired of time-consuming and tiring bike rides? Then you need to switch your bike to electric gear shift bike. Simply put, an electric gear shift bike is an electric bike with electronic gear shifting, which can make riding easier, more convenient and comfortable. Let’s learn more about bicycles with electric gears together!

What is an electric gear bike?

The electric gear shift bicycle is an electric bicycle equipped with an electronic shifting system that automates or facilitates the shifting of the bicycle through electronic controls. Compared with traditional manual shifting, electric shifting is more precise and reliable, can automatically adapt to different driving conditions, and automatic shifting can reduce the driver's burden. Electric shifters are often used in conjunction with electric bicycles (e-bikes) to effectively improve the riding experience and increase comfort. The electric gearshift bike is therefore ideal for riders who want a better riding experience.

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Why Choose an Electric Gear Bike?

Choosing an electric gear bike comes with several benefits and they are also the reasons why individuals choose electric gear bikes:

1. User-friendliness

Electric switching systems make manual switching unnecessary. The process is automated or controlled with the push of a button, making it easier for drivers, especially those who may have issues with traditional shifting mechanisms.

2. Precise and fast switching

Electric shifting systems often ensure precise and quick gear changes, increasing the efficiency of your ride. The electronic control ensures precise shifting, contributing to a smoother driving experience.

3. Automatic adjustments

Some electric shifting systems have sensors that automatically adjust gears based on factors such as speed, cadence and terrain. This ensures that the bicycle with electric gear shifting is always in the optimal gear, which saves the driver from having to manually adjust to changing conditions.

4. Reduced physical exertion

Electric shifting systems can reduce the physical effort required to shift gears and make cycling more accessible to a wider range of riders. This can be particularly beneficial on long journeys or challenging terrain.

5. Better driving experience

The electric gearshift bicycle combines electrical assistance with automatic or electronically controlled shifting, ensuring a seamless and efficient riding experience.

6. Less maintenance

Electric switching systems can be more durable and require less maintenance compared to traditional mechanical systems. This can result in longer component life and fewer trips to the e-bike shop for adjustments.

7. Technological attractiveness

For tech-savvy cyclists, the electronic nature of electric shifting systems can give the bike a modern and high-tech appeal. Integrating technology into bicycle components is attractive to those who value innovation.

How to choose an electric gear bike?

When choosing a bike with electric gears, several factors must be taken into account to ensure the bike meets your specific needs and preferences. Here is a guide to help you make an informed decision.

1. Determine your driving style

Consider what type of ride you're planning: commuting, road biking, mountain biking, or a combination. Your driving style influences the type of electrical shifting system you need.

2. Understanding electrical switching systems

Familiarize yourself with the different electrical switching systems available on the market. Common brands include Shimano Di2, SRAM eTap and Campagnolo EPS. Learn more about their features, compatibility, and reputation for performance and durability.

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3. Budget

Set a budget for your electric geared bike. An electric gear bike can vary in price and it is important to find a balance between your budget and the features you need.

4. Type of circuit

Decide whether you prefer automatic shifting, where the system adjusts gears based on various factors, or whether you want manual control with electronic assistance. Some systems offer a mix of both, allowing the driver to choose between automatic and manual modes.

5. Easy maintenance

Consider the ease of maintenance and availability of service support for the electrical switching system you choose. Electric gear shifting bikes with systems that require less maintenance can be beneficial in the long run.

6. Read reviews and get recommendations

Read reviews from other cyclists who have experience with the specific electric shifting system you are considering. Also, get recommendations from bike experts or your local bike shop.

7. Test drive

If possible, test ride bikes with different electrical shifting systems. This hands-on experience can help you feel the responsiveness of the circuit and determine whether it suits your preferences.

8. Check battery life

Consider the battery life of the electrical switching system. Longer battery life means fewer charging cycles and less downtime between rides.

Recommendations for electric gear shifting bicycle

Do you want to buy an electric bike? Then I suggest you consider Engwe electric bikes. Engwe is a brand that focuses on electric bikes and enjoys great popularity and recognition. The company produces electric bikes of high quality and affordable prices, covering a variety of types such as urban e-bikes, fat tire e-bikes, folding e-bikes, etc. Among them, Engwe EP-2 Pro , Engwe L20 and Engwe E26 are very popular, especially in Europe. They are all equipped with 7-speed SHIMANO gears, which provide smooth, reliable, precise and efficient gear shifting. You can visit the product pages to learn more about them:

Elephant EP-2 Pro

Elephants L2

Elephant E2

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To learn more about Engwe Ebikes, please check out the Engwe Ebikes page .


Electric gear shifting bicycles can make riding more comfortable and efficient, but may not be suitable for all types of riders or all budgets. Therefore, it is important to choose carefully based on personal needs and preferences. Factors such as the type of driving you do, the terrain you encounter, and your comfort level with the technology can all impact your driving experience.

January 26, 2024 — TangIcey