All electric bikes are electric brake bikes, because electric bikes have a braking system that allows the rider to brake and stop in time through simple operation, thereby ensuring the rider's personal safety. The quality of the brakes has a great impact on the safety of riding, so choosing a good electric brake bike is crucial, and substandard or substandard electric brake bike can affect the rider's safety. So what makes a good electric brake bike? This first requires an understanding of the types and operating principles of the electric bicycle brake.

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Types of Bicycle Electric Brake

At present, the brakes of electric brake bicycle mainly include mechanical disc brakes, rim brakes, regenerative brakes and hydraulic disc brakes.

1. Mechanical disc brakes

Mechanical disc brakes use a cable-operated mechanism that activates the caliper when the brake lever is pulled. They are generally less expensive than hydraulic disc brakes, but do not offer the same level of performance as hydraulic disc brakes.

2. Rim brakes

Rim brakes are a common brake on non-electric bicycles, but can also provide sufficient stopping power on lighter, slower e-bikes. However, in wet conditions, rim brakes are less efficient and susceptible to wear.

3. Regenerative braking

Regenerative brakes can help extend the overall range of an e-bike while providing additional stopping power. When you apply the brakes, the motor of the electric brake bike goes into generator mode and converts the kinetic energy of the bike into electrical energy. This energy is then stored in the electric bike’s battery for later use. However, such brakes are typically used as an emergency braking system in conjunction with conventional brakes rather than as a primary braking mechanism.

4. Hydraulic disc brakes

Hydraulic disc brakes offer higher stopping power, precise control and good heat dissipation and their performance is so good that many electric brake bikes use them as the brake of choice for their bikes. Relatively speaking, electric bikes with hydraulic disc brakes have better braking performance and require less maintenance and adjustments.

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How do electric bicycle brakes ensure the safety of the rider?

In addition to the electric brake for bicycle, the electric brake bicycle braking system also includes components such as levers, cables, brake calipers, rotor brakes, etc. When the brake lever is lifted, the cable presses against the brake caliper piston. The piston connects the brake disc to a rotating hub, which uses friction to drive the brake pads connected to the brake caliper into the brake disc. As you apply more force to the brake lever, the brake pad pushes harder into the brake disc, increasing friction. When the rider wants to slow down or brake, he or she must apply a certain amount of force to the brake lever, thereby slowing the bike to a stop. This provides excellent protection for the driver from bumps, falls, etc.

Recommended Electric Brake Bicycle

It can be said that all electric bikes have braking systems, which can be called electric brake bikes. However, if you want a more reliable and safe electric bike, it is recommended to choose an electric bike from some well-known brands such as Engwe.

Engwe is an electric bike brand that focuses on user safety and experience. Their products have been recognized by many social media such as Bike Exchange, Yahoo Finance, Europa Press, etc. Most of the brakes on Engwe e-bikes are hydraulic disc brakes, which have good braking performance and can ensure the safety of riders. In addition, Engwe has different types of electric bikes to meet different riding needs. Here are some highly rated Engwe e-bikes for your reference.

1. Elephant Engine Pro: Covered Faultbars

Engwe Engine Pro is a foldable electric bike with the most powerful hydraulic brakes. With excellent performance, top-level suspension and reliable braking system, this excellent electric brake bike not only allows the rider to easily ride uphill and downhill and conquer various terrains, but also slow down and stop in time when encountering obstacles or wanting to stop. You can enjoy the fun of riding while ensuring safety.

2. Engwe X26: Electric brake bike for all terrain

Engwe X26 is also a powerful folding electric bike from Engwe. It features 26*4.0 inch fat tires, dual batteries, triple suspension system, hydraulic disc brakes and powerful hub motor, providing a safe, stable and comfortable riding experience.

3. Engwe E26: Double suspension all-terrain e-bike

Engwe E26 is another high-level electric bike with hydraulic brakes. This excellent electric brake bike is not only suitable for multi-terrain and long-distance riding, but also has excellent shock absorption effect, giving riders a comfortable riding experience. Its fat tires and hydraulic brakes enable cyclists to successfully tackle various terrains while ensuring riding safety.

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4. Engwe EP-2 Pro: Fat Tire Electric Brake Bicycle

The Engwe EP-2 Pro is a foldable electric bike designed for long distances and any terrain. At the same time, this electric brake bike is also equipped with many small details to ensure riding safety, such as LED headlights, brake light indicator, reflective strips, etc., as well as dual disc brakes. With these accessories, riders can ride safely even in the dark.


The quality of the brakes determines the sensitivity of the braking system. To ensure smooth and safe riding, cyclists need to understand the types and working principles of electric brake bike and choose an electric bike with a reliable braking system. As a well-known e-bike brand, Engwe is one of the ideal electric bike options.

January 19, 2024 — TangIcey