“Commuting” sounds like traffic jams, stress and high costs. However, commuting with an e-bike is exactly the opposite: anyone who travels with an e-bike is spared from traffic jams and timetables. E-bike commuters not only save money, but also keep fit by exercising in the fresh air. Discover the benefits of commuting with an e-bike and discover which commuter bike is right for you.

E-bike for commuting: The advantages at a glance

1. No traffic jams and flexible routes

With the e-bike you are not tied to traffic jams or fixed timetables. You can choose and adjust your route flexibly and without delays.

2. Cost efficiency

Compared to a car or public transport, using an e-bike saves you a lot of money on fuel, parking fees and tickets. The maintenance costs of an e-bike are also lower.

3. Environmental friendliness

Riding an e-bike to work is an environmentally friendly alternative to driving a car. E-bikes do not produce any harmful emissions. You are actively contributing to protecting the environment.

Riding an e-bike to work in winter is an environmentally friendly and efficient way to get to work, even in cold temperatures and adverse weather conditions.

4. Health and Fitness

Commuting with an e-bike promotes your physical fitness and health. Regular exercise in the fresh air strengthens your cardiovascular system and helps reduce stress.

You may be interested in:

-How many calories do I burn commuting over 20 km on an e-bike?

-500-700 kcal.

-How many calories do I burn while commuting with an e-bike up to 30 km?

-More than 900 Kcal.

5. Time saving

In many cities, you can get to your destination faster with an e-bike than with a car or public transport, especially during rush hours.

eine Dame stehe neben einem e-bike zum Pendeln

Going to work with the e-bike – the battery and the kilometers

The battery capacity ranges from 300 to 1000 watt hours (Wh). The rule is simple: the higher the capacity of the battery, the further you can travel. In other words: the further you want to commute to work with your e-bike, the more powerful your battery should be. Most batteries are between 400Wh and 750Wh, which means that ideally you can travel an average of 80 to 130 kilometers before needing to recharge.

Which drive pushes your commuter bike?

For longer distances, the mid-engine is ideal for commuting with an e-bike. Its central position improves weight distribution (shifting the center of gravity) and thus increases the range, as a well-balanced e-bike uses less power.

Which commuter bike is right for you?

There are 3 main types of commuter bike: speed e-bike, trekking e-bike and city e-bike .

Each type offers different benefits depending on commuters' individual needs and route. The Speed-E-Bike is particularly suitable for commuters who have to cover longer distances and value speed (up to 45 km/h). Trekking e-bikes are ideal for commuters who like to travel off-road and need robust riding characteristics. City e-bikes, on the other hand, are perfect for commuters in urban areas as they are characterized by their maneuverability and comfort features.

Folding e-bike for commuting

It is an excellent choice for commuters who value flexibility and comfort. Thanks to its foldability, the folding e-bike can be easily taken on public transport and stored to save space. It combines the benefits of an electric bike with the convenience of a folding bike, making it ideal for commuters who prefer multimodality in transport. The electric assistance ensures effortless riding, especially on longer distances or hilly terrain, while the folding function allows the bike to be stored safely and compactly, whether in the office or at home.

eine Dame legt dem zusammengefalteten T14 in den Kofferraum

Which e-bike is worth choosing for commuting at Engwe ?

1. Elephants L2

The Engwe L20 women's e-bike is the perfect choice for commuters who value performance and comfort. The ergonomically designed seats and shock-absorbing frame ensure a comfortable ride, whether on city streets or in the countryside.

2. Elephant E2

The E26 model impresses with its versatility and robustness. It is particularly suitable for commuters who also travel off-road. With its wide tires and powerful suspension, it can easily handle uneven terrain. It also offers numerous practical features such as integrated lighting and a luggage rack .

3. Elephant P275 ST

It has an impressive range and a mid-engine design, making it an excellent choice for commuters who value performance and efficiency. The mid-engine ensures optimal weight distribution and a natural driving feel, while the long range ensures that you can easily cover longer distances.

4. Engwe P26

If you are looking for a cheap electric commuter bike for around 1,000 euros , then the P26 could also be a good choice. It scores with its stylish design and Shimano 7-speed transmission system.

5. Engine X

With its elegant design and compact dimensions, the Engine X is ideal for city commuters. It is easy to store and transport on public transport. The fast charging time and long range make it a reliable companion for the daily commute.

6. Engwe T14

The best folding bike for commuter T14 is characterized by its compactness, lightness and easy handling, making it ideal for everyday use in the city.


Discover the benefits of an e-bike for commuting and make your commute more environmentally friendly and stress-free. Visit our blog for more information and to find the perfect model for your needs.

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