With people's growing environmental awareness, the electric bike has become a symbol of eco-friendly travel. In increasingly crowded cities, electric bikes are becoming a convenient means of transport. It enables quick city commuting to avoid traffic congestion and reduce commute time.

Lightweight e bikes are increasingly appreciated by more and more people due to their convenience, environmental friendliness, economy and other features and have become an ideal choice for short trips in the city.

Ein Mann fährt mit einem Elektrofahrrad auf einem Bergweg.

What is the definition of lightweight e bikes?

Lightweight e bike is a type of transport that combines the features of a traditional bicycle and an electric vehicle. It is usually made of lightweight materials and is equipped with an auxiliary electric motor.

This support system can provide electrical assistance while driving to make cycling more enjoyable and comfortable, especially when driving uphill, on long distances or when accelerating.

What are the features of lightweight e bikes?

Lightweight and portable design

These types of bikes typically use lightweight materials to reduce the overall weight of the bike. This makes it easy to carry and transport, which is ideal for short trips around the city or transport on public transport.

Electric support

They are equipped with an electric assist system that can provide varying levels of electric assistance depending on the driver's needs. This reduces physical exertion when driving and improves driving performance.

Versatile design

They are available in various styles, including folding bikes, miniature models and city bikes, which meet different needs and different scenarios.

Intelligent design

Some models have intelligent control systems that enable features such as anti-theft, remote control via app and vehicle health monitoring to improve the user experience.

What type of lightweight e bike is worth buying for you?

Lightweight e-bike for women

If you are looking for the test winner for lightweight e-bikes for women, the P20 could possibly be your wise choice.

If you would like to enjoy cycling to the fullest like the gentlemen, but are worried that the bike is too heavy or too big and you won't be able to ride? Don't worry, as a kind of lightweight e bike for women, P20 weighs only 18.5 KG and allows you to commute effortlessly. On weekends you can go on trips with your father or brother. Due to the lower weight, driving is more agile and steering and stopping are easier to control.

This lightweight e bike is known for its advanced design and features. First of all, it is equipped with a portable battery, which makes charging more convenient and does not cause fear of power loss during long trips. Its torque sensor technology can intelligently detect the driver's driving behavior and provide precise electric assistance to ensure a smooth and efficient driving experience.

And the carbon fiber belt material is not only light and durable, but also effectively reduces the noise and maintenance of the drive system, making driving more comfortable and quiet. This bike is compactly designed and folds effortlessly in just ten seconds, making it easy to carry and store, allowing you to enjoy cycling anytime, anywhere.

zwei Leute fahren mit e bikes

Lightweight folding bike

Folding bikes are extremely popular among contemporary people. As a mini electric folding bike with an output of 250 watts , the ENGWE T14 offers a comfortable riding experience. Multiple shock absorbers give you an exceptionally smooth riding experience. This lightweight e-bike can be folded in two simple steps and easily stored in the trunk. For an effortless commute and pleasant travel, ENGWE T14 is equipped with an LED display that shows the battery level to inform you of the current power status.

And the adjustable suspension of the saddle can be adjusted according to your body characteristics and preferences to offer you even more individual comfort.

ENGWE T14 costs only 599 euros, as one of the cheap e-bikes , the quality is incredibly high for the price, the suspension makes potholes harmless, the pedal support is powerful and riding is fun. Don't hesitate, grab it now!

eine Frau fährt mit e bike

Upgraded lightweight e bike

In the P275 range , the P275 Pro is lighter compared to the P275ST and is also Engwe's third lightest product. If you want to travel with your friends, you can't miss this one. On sunny days, you can easily take it with you and go to any place to relax your body and mind. With an amazing 260Km per charge in Eco pedal assist mode, the P275 Pro with Samsung cells makes commuting an effortless pleasure. Less time charging, more time enjoying the city scenery and the joy of riding.

The 250w/65Nm mid-engine from Bafang takes your commute to a new level and ensures a sweat-free journey. Combined with the torque sensor, it intuitively synchronizes with your pedaling and delivers seamless power.

ein Mann fährt mit e bike


Lightweight e bike not only meets the requirements of daily commuting, but also offers a wide range of possible applications. Lightweight e-bikes for women are common. It makes women's lives easier and less complicated. The foldable electric bike makes people's lives more convenient and beautiful.

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