E-bikes are the center of attention and with enough reason! With the arrival in May, the temperature gradually rises and you also feel like going on long bike tours. E-bikes are ideal for this, as they can be used not only on bike tours with their electric motor support, but also when commuting or Shopping errands.

However, people often have limited budgets. No matter, cheap e bikes for men have top quality and reduced prices.

In the following text we will introduce you to 6 cheap e-bikes for men for around 1,000 euros.

1. Himiway City Pedelec (€1.099,00)

The affordable e bike for men City Pedelec from himiway is equipped with a 36V 18.2Ah Samsung lithium-ion battery, which ensures a long service life and strong performance. With the help of the batteries you can travel with a range of up to 120 kilometers. The dealers offer a two-year guarantee on the batteries. This is only sold in Europe and is very useful for trips to the suburbs, city tours and for commuting.

Our conclusion: If you have a battery brand requirement or want a longer warranty period, this cheap e bike for men will not disappoint you.

2. Fischer city e-bike with a modern look (€999.00)

The FISCHER TERRA 2.1 Junior from Decathlon impresses with its very easy handling and high riding comfort thanks to a resilient SR SUNTOUR XCT-HLO suspension fork. The reliable MICROSHIFT 1x8-speed derailleur gears also guarantee an active and safe ride. The body is green and shiny and has a fashionable design, which is a real and affordable e bike for men alternative for the way to school or for fun off-road. With a weight of only 26 kg and a load capacity of up to 135 kg, it is compact and yet easy to transport. Plus: The powerful 48 V, 422 Wh lithium-ion battery offers you a range of up to 120 km and can be used to semi- Integrated design can be easily removed and charged.

Our conclusion: A stylish e-bike is suitable for everyone who appreciates a high level of riding comfort and needs a robust bike for the city.

3. Engwe Foldable and affordable e bike for men EP-2 Pro (€999,00)

Folding bikes have various advantages. City dwellers can take the bikes quickly and space-savingly on the train or bus, or they can fold them up and be happy to have their bike with them on a weekend trip to the seaside. As a cheap e-bike for men, the EP-2 Pro model , whose folding function is very practical for e-bikes, is ideal for transport and storage. Due to its high price, you probably don't want to leave it standing outside the door, so just take it with you into your apartment or house.

The folding e-bike from Engwe currently costs 999.00 euros. Available in three colors: orange, black and gray. It has a top speed of 25km/h and a range of 120 kilometers ((PAS mode). The charging time for the removable lithium battery is six to seven hours. (Approx. 6.5 hours).The folding e-bike itself weighs around 30 kilograms. It is also equipped with electronic brakes (160 mm at the front & mechanical disc brake at the rear), LED Healight, reflective strips to ensure your safety. There are also 20 x 4.0 off-road tires Fat Tires tires that ensure a smooth ride over rough terrain.

Our conclusion: This is a solid and compact e-bike under 1,000 euros. Particularly suitable for people who are looking for a cheap e-bike for men. If you don't want to park the e-bike in the yard or want to conquer different terrains and experience the fun of riding, perhaps the EP-2 Pro model from Engwe is a good idea.

ein Mann fährt mit e bike

4. With torque sensor: E-Bike ENGWE P20 with impressive range (€1,099.00)

Engwe currently offers the affordable e-bike for men with a torque sensor. Cycling can be so pleasant because the torque sensor adapts perfectly to each of your pedal strokes. It feels so good when you can handle everyday demands in the city. Thanks to Twice Charge, the ENGWE P20 battery lasts the whole week. This means you can commute into the city without worry. The bike also has an impressive range of up to 100 kilometers.

Nobody likes unnecessary noise. Thanks to the quiet hub motor of the P20, you will experience how quiet and comfortable an e-bike can be. And the theft protection is effective. Thanks to the battery lock, your battery is protected by a key. All in all, the e bike P20 helps you commute easily in the city.

Our conclusion: With an impressive range and 250W quiet motor with torque sensor, it is ideal for anyone who wants to enjoy longer bike tours but also wants to run errands in the city.

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5. Comfortable and affordable: The E-Bike M20 from Engwe (€1,099.00)

Do you want a comfortable ride? At the same time, do you also enjoy mile after mile? The Engwe M20 is the perfect entry into e-mobility! Its double shock absorber systems, ranging from the front hydraulic shock absorber to the rear air shock absorber, make your journey comfortable. In addition, the shock absorption is 2 times stronger than normal e-bikes. 20*4.0 inch thick tires are made of imported rubber, a carbon nano braided layer and a butyl rubber inner tube. The three-layer design helps you master any terrain.

Another advantage is its design and the comfortable saddle, which enable a particularly high level of riding comfort.

Our conclusion: If you want to ensure smooth braking and safe braking in emergency situations, the M20 is the ideal affordable e-bike option for men.

drei Leute fahren mit e bikes

6. The VERSAILLES City E-Bike from KS-Cycling (€993.99)

Commuting to the office or completing longer tours on the weekend is now very easy: covering further distances or inclines is child's play with the high-quality lithium-ion battery with a range of up to 60 kilometers. The battery is fully charged again after 6-7 hours. The bike is equipped with a brushless DC motor in the rear wheel and it switches off automatically at a speed of 25 km/h. When the brakes are applied, the engine also switches off immediately thanks to built-in sensors.

Our conclusion: the ideal e-bike for relaxed bike trips on the weekend.


Even if you buy a cheap e-bike for men for 1,000 euros, it is not a small purchase. That's why the purchasing decision should be carefully considered here too. In addition to the price, the most important purchasing criteria are certainly the motor, the brakes and the battery, because they contribute significantly to driving pleasure and the necessary safety. You should also take factors such as weight, gears and saddle into account.

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