A gravel e-bike opens up countless opportunities to experience adventures and explore new paths. Whether it's a short trip into nature or a bikepacking trip lasting several days, gravel bikes offer ultimate freedom. If you're planning longer tours or bike trips, a robust and lightweight way to attach your luggage is essential. A special gravel e-bike with a luggage rack will help you do just that.

You can find out more about Gravel E Bikes with luggage racks below.

What are the multifunctional functions of Gravel E Bike with luggage rack?

1. Transporting luggage:

The luggage rack provides a flat platform on which items such as suitcases, backpacks and shopping bags can be easily transported without having to carry them.

2. Increasing transport capacity:

Riders can use the rack to transport larger or heavier items, such as large purchases, sports equipment, or luggage for long trips.

3. Convenience:

Using the luggage rack relieves the cyclist by taking the load off their bodies. This leads to a more comfortable and stable driving experience.

4. Decorativeness:

The luggage rack can also serve as a decoration for the bike and give it individuality and style.

What types of gravel e-bikes with luggage racks are there?

E gravel bikes with luggage racks are available in different types, which vary depending on the design and intended use.

1. Front Rack:A front rack is mounted on the front of an electric bike and is usually located between the front wheels. Usually it is also referred to as a “bicycle basket”. This type of luggage rack is ideal for transporting lighter items such as rain gear or other useful items.

2. Side Rack: A side rack is mounted on the side of an electric bike and is usually located next to the front or rear wheel. This type of luggage rack is ideal for transporting larger or heavier items such as large shopping bags or suitcases.

3. Rear rack: A rear rack is mounted on the back of an electric bike and is usually located above the rear wheel. This type of rack is ideal for carryingpanniers , shopping bags or other small items.

No matter what occasions you use your bike, shopping and luggage have to be stored somewhere. An e-gravel bike with a rear luggage rack is the best choice for this.

What are the application scenarios of Gravel E Bike with luggage rack?

In which situations is a gravel e-bike with a luggage rack particularly practical? The answer is clear. Such as for long bike rides, the daily commute or outdoor adventures.

Would you like to go on a sunny day and take delicious snacks with you without having to carry them on your back? At the same time enjoy the fun of cycling? Then a gravel e-bike with luggage rack Engwe E26 would be an optimal option. It is available in three colors and hydraulic brakes ensure that you are safe on the roads and paths you discover, regardless of the terrain. The rear seat can easily carry 25 kg of weight.

In addition to storing luggage such as backpacks, clothes, etc. directly in the back seat, you can also add a luggage rack to further suit your transportation needs. The size of E26 gravel e-bike with luggage rack is 435*435*120mm, which is enough to accommodate numerous items. Don't worry about not having space for your things on the go.

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With the e-bike you can experience small and large adventures. But a gravel e-bike also helps us in everyday life, for example when running errands or on the daily commute to work.

Robust luggage rack Provides security for your belongings and you can expand the cargo space if you want. As a gravel e-bike with luggage rack, L20 from Engwe makes it easier to carry the items you need without worrying about them getting in the way of cycling or becoming uncomfortable. Because the weight is not on the front wheel, the steering behavior is only slightly affected with a luggage rack at the rear, making your commute to work stable and easy.

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What should we consider when using a gravel e-bike with a luggage rack?

1. The luggage rack and connectors are firmly attached to ensure stable load distribution and avoid instability or tilt.

2. The luggage rack is not overloaded so as not to exceed its load capacity limit.

3. The balance of the vehicle is taken into account when carrying heavy loads to avoid the vehicle tipping over.

4. The items on the luggage rack are securely fastened while driving to prevent falling or slipping while driving.

5. Pay attention while driving, especially when turning or going downhill, to whether the load on the luggage rack has affected the steering.


Gravel e-bikes with luggage racks offer a versatile riding experience by combining the flexibility of a gravel bike with the convenience of an electric drive and the utility of a luggage rack. This type of bike is not only suitable for adventure and long-distance riding, but also plays an important role in daily life, such as shopping, commuting and outdoor activities. The luggage rack offers cyclists a convenient way to transport items.

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