What is a gravel e-bike?

The emerging class of gravel e-bikes opens up the possibility of riding both on and off paved roads and paths. Thanks to their special geometry, gravel e-bikes enable a balanced riding experience that is both sporty and comfortable. Although gravel bikes may at first glance be very reminiscent of racing bikes, there are clear differences. The frame geometry is less aggressive than that of racing bikes, and the wider tires combined with disc brakes offer increased comfort and safety when riding.

As versatility and comfort become more and more important in cycling, an exciting development is emerging: women's gravel e-bikes. These specially designed bikes offer women the opportunity to experience the freedom of gravel biking with the added power of an electric motor. From adventurous off-road trails to relaxed overland excursions, Women's Gravel E Bikes offer the perfect combination of style, performance and adaptability for modern female cyclists.

What are the features of a women's gravel e-bike?

1. Lightweight: Women Gravel E Bike makes your cycling effortless

Both e-gravel and traditional gravel bikes for women are designed for riding comfort and lightness. When it comes to material selection, lightweight frames and components typically use high-strength but lightweight materials such as aluminum alloy or carbon fiber to reduce the overall weight of the bike.

The material of the frame plays a crucial role. Aluminum frames are considered particularly light, which makes it easy for women to ride. Another plus point: The light metal aluminum is easy to care for and can support the longevity of the bike.

If you want to ride a practical and lightweight women's gravel e-bike, the T14 from Engwe may be your ideal bike. It weighs 22.7KG, allowing you to easily get to where you want to go. As one of Engwe's lightweight electric bikes , make your journey effortless.

The women's gravel e-bike T14 is the space-saving version of the classic e-bike. The frame can be folded in 2 steps within 10 seconds. That's why it's easier to store within your own four walls and takes up very little space. The model also fits in every trunk and transport via bus, train, metro or tram is also child's play.

Due to T14's lightweight frame, riders can control the bike more easily and are better able to adapt to different road conditions and curves, increasing flexibility and safety while riding. Additionally, the lighter weight of the Women's Gravel E Bike allows female riders to accelerate faster while making them feel more relaxed during longer rides, reducing fatigue and increasing riding comfort and fun.

eine Frau fährt mit dame gravel e bike Engwe t 14

2. The women's gravel e-bike frame: perfectly adapted to the woman's anatomy

A gravel e-bike for women is specially adapted to the female anatomy. The bicycle frames of women's gravel e-bikes are usually smaller than those of men's e-bikes. Therefore, a women's e-bike is characterized, for example, by a wave frame or a low step-through frame, which make it easier to get on and off in skirts and dresses. Engwe has worked extensively on the gravel e-bike . As with the city e-bike and other women's bikes, the frame has been perfectly adapted to the woman's anatomy. The women's bikes are all developed from scratch and have their own frame geometries. These take women's muscle power into account and ensure that they can assume the best possible position on their bike. So that all women can find a women's gravel e-bike that suits them, Engwe also builds women's bikes with suitable frame heights: Engwe L20 .

This women's gravel e-bike model is characterized by the soft saddle being located far away from the frame and the frame has a low and smooth curve. This means that the step-through frame allows you to climb onto your e-bike effortlessly. Shock-absorbing features on the frame provide additional comfort.

In addition, the length of the comfort-oriented handlebar is designed for relaxed rides. Engwe has taken the needs of women into account as much as possible, enabling a more comfortable ride for women.

If you are a bike lover, then get on your women's gravel e-bike, leave everyday life at home and experience limitless freedom. Ergonomically adapted designs and a women's specific geometry of L20 ensure a comfortable and efficient ride. As a gravel e-bike for women, elegance and performance on any surface, there are four colors to choose from. Pink is popular and adds color to your life.

zwei frauen fahren auf einem weißen Damen-Gravel-E-Bike und einem rosa Damen-Gravel-E-Bike  von Engwe

3. Wider tires of women's gravel e bike: to master any terrain

The wider tires give the women's E Gravel bike a wide range of uses. For bike-friendly roads, narrower 28mm tires are preferred, while for unpaved paths, wider tires are a better option. Wider tires increase traction and stability on different terrains, especially rough and uneven roads.

The 20×4.0 inch thick tires of Engwe M20 are perfect for mixed terrain, from smooth roads to dirt paths. This makes them an ideal choice for ladies who seek adventure and variety in cycling. The three-layer fat tires conquer everything to push the limits of the asphalt. At the same time, they reduce shocks and vibrations, making your riding experience more comfortable.

eine Dameund zwei Männer stehen neben gravel e bike m20 von Engwe

Who is interested in a women's gravel e-bike?

A women's gravel e-bike is suitable for all those who not only transport from A to B by bike, but also enjoy long distances with changing surfaces. It is ideal for lovers of longer and brisk excursions as well as for sports enthusiasts who don't want to be slowed down by unpaved paths in their daily training. The versatility and comfort make women's E Gravel Bikes an excellent choice, expand your cycling adventures.

Why choose a women's gravel e bike?

1. The aesthetic design and color selection, which is more in line with female taste

2. Specially designed for women, according to the female anatomy

3. Suitable for any terrain


Gravel bikes for women offer a perfect combination of style, versatility and performance. They are ideal for cyclists who are looking for a bike that reliably accompanies them both on the road and on gravel paths.

To learn more about women's gravel e-bikes, visit this page - your faithful companion for your next adventure!

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