Nowadays, more and more people are looking for environmentally friendly and cost-effective transportation options. E-bikes prove to be a good choice. It saves people time and protects the environment. But many potential buyers are hesitant due to the high prices of most electric bikes. Fortunately, however, there are an increasing number of manufacturers offering affordable options. If you would like to buy a cheaper e-bike, please read on.

Ein Mann ist mit einem günstigen E-Bike unterwegs, engwe p26

Why choose a cheap e-bike?

These affordable e-bikes offer a range of features and benefits that make them an attractive option.

1. Cheap e-bikes reduce people's financial pressure

People don't have to spend large amounts of money on them. This reduces the economic pressure on people.

2. Save people time

For commuters and city dwellers, e-bikes are a huge time saver! In addition, the electric assistance makes driving easier, especially on hilly terrain or longer distances. It is a cost-effective alternative to other motorized vehicles while encouraging physical activity.

3. E-bikes help reduce CO2 emissions

Inexpensive e-bikes can be integrated into everyday life and contribute to sustainable development. First of all, it is an environmentally friendly option as it does not produce harmful emissions compared to cars or motorcycles.

4. Low price but not low production technology

Cheap e-bikes usually have advanced technology and satisfactory quality.

5. The economic benefit of cheap e-bikes

E-bikes are the preferred form of electric transport in Germany. Production and sales are constantly growing. The cheaper the e-bike, the greater the purchasing power of people.

Engwe ebike is representative of a cheap ebike. These are all around € 1000. If you are interested, you can check out the official website of Engwe DE .

Cheapest e-bike from Engwe

ENGWE aims to produce the best e-bikes at a reasonable price. Customers can choose affordable e-bikes according to their needs.

1. ENGWE T14: €599.00

The Engwe T14 is a foldable e-bike. It has a range of 55 kilometers. It is currently the cheapest e-bike from Engwe in Germany and weighs only 22.7 kg! This 250-watt motor ensures fast and powerful acceleration up to a top speed of 25 kilometers per hour. When folded, it is only 79*47*73 cm. This makes it easy to fold and store in the trunk. So, it is very portable. It can be ridden on smooth roads and is suitable for riding in parks.

günstige e-bike, engwe t14

2. ENGWE EP-2 Pro: €999.00

The ENGWE EP-2 Pro is a folding e-bike with front suspension. It is more powerful than the previous product, uses a 250W brushless motor and has a range of 120 kilometers. In addition, it is equipped with 20 x 4.0 fat tires and adjustable front suspension, so you can handle sand, mud, snow and gravel when riding off-road. If you want to ride in the mountains, this affordable e-bike is the perfect choice for you!

3. ENGWE P26: €1049.00

Engwe P26 is a commuter e-bike with a range of 100km. Its mountain tires and wheels and dual shock absorption ensure a comfortable ride and allow you to have fun mile after mile. It makes commuters' commute easier and offers speed and fun. If your business is not far from home, this affordable e-bike is the perfect choice for you!

Other brands of cheap e-bikes

Here are the cheapest e-bikes from three other German brands, although they are relatively more expensive than Engwe.

1. HIMIWAY-All Terrain Electric Bike: €1,499.00

Priced at 1,499 euros, it is a 26-inch all-terrain e-bike with an LG battery capacity of 840 Wh, a guaranteed range of 96 kilometers on a single charge and reliable climbing capabilities. This is the best electric bike for all types of terrain, from forests to beaches to deep snow.

2. CANYON Commuter 6: €1.499,00

With a price of €1,499, the Commuter 6 is one of the cheaper e-bikes in Germany. It's equipped with everything you need for city riding, including integrated pedal lighting, lightweight fenders and racks, Gates Carbon Belt Drive and much more. This way you minimize your maintenance costs and at the same time make your commute fun.

3. FOCUS ATLAS 6.6 EQP: €1.699,00

Compared to the other electric bikes mentioned in this article, the FOCUS ATLAS 6.6 EQP is priced slightly higher, but it is still an electric bike under 2,000 euros. Ready for your touring adventures or daily commute, this affordable e-bike will help you tackle bad weather or challenging surfaces with complete control and comfort.

What do I have to pay attention to when buying a cheap e-bike?

1. When purchasing, check the reviews, read the warranty conditions and compare the differences between models. And choose a product that better suits your needs.

2. Choose trusted brands and manufacturers. Choosing a well-known e-bike brand can better guarantee the quality of the product and after-sales service.


In the ever-growing e-bike market, price and performance come first. Even inexpensive e-bikes can make a difference for people. By 2024, e-bikes will make up a large part of sales in Germany and cheaper e-bikes will become even more attractive for Germans.

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