With economic development, environmentally friendly mobility is becoming the preferred choice for more and more people, so many choose to ride electric bikes. At the same time, the electric bicycle air pump plays an important role when driving - it is mainly used to inflate the tires of the electric bicycle and thus ensure the correct tire pressure.

What types of electric bicycle air pumps are there?

Electric bicycle air pumps are available in two versions: either with an integrated battery or without:

Electric bicycle pump with battery

Compared to electric air pumps for bicycles without batteries, those with batteries have one advantage: they are more compact. In addition, they are particularly practical for on the go when power outlets are not available. They are small, handy and also measure tire pressure. In addition to bicycle tires, they also inflate car tires, balls, balloons, e-scooters, SUPs and much more. If the battery is empty, many models have a 12 V charging adapter that you can use to charge your pump in the car, for example. At home you can charge your device directly using a USB port.

However, e-bike air pumps also have their limits: you have to be patient when inflating larger objects because the batteries only have a certain power capacity.

Electric bicycle pump without battery

The other types of electric air pumps for bicycles do not have a battery and must be connected to the power supply using a cable. Their big advantage is that they are very powerful without a battery and can therefore inflate several car tires in a very short time. However, a significant disadvantage is their noisy operation. The devices are not suitable for traveling because they require a mains connection.

What do you need to consider when buying an electric air pump for bicycles?

1. Power supply method:

With battery: When it comes to size, you should make sure that the battery-powered air pump is relatively small and compact. This makes it easy for you to take them with you. If you get a flat tire on your bike ride, you can use them without any problem.

Without battery: The externally powered air pump is not limited by battery capacity, but requires a power outlet.

2. Battery capacity (mAh):

It is advisable to buy batteries with the highest possible battery capacity. Because the higher the battery capacity, the longer you can pump with your electric bike air pump. Your electric bicycle air pump should therefore have at least 2,000, preferably 3,000 milliamp hours.

3. Max. pressure:

Here we recommend: If you also want to inflate objects with high pressure with your electric bicycle air pump, you should consider a maximum pressure between 8 and 11 bar or 100 and 180 PSI.

4. Inflation speed:

Inflation speed affects inflation efficiency, so choosing an air pump with a faster inflation speed can save time.

5. Valve type:

Check whether the air pump is compatible with common bicycle valve types such as Presta valves and Schrader valves.

Which bicycle pumps from Engwe are worth it?

1. ENGWE Mini Bicycle Air Pump 1OO PSI

If you are looking for a portable air pump, you can consider ENGWE Mini Bike Air Pump 1OO PSI. It meets the range standards for max. pressure and is compatible with both valve types: i.e. Presta valve and Schrader valve. No matter what type of electric bike you have, it can be adjusted well. It can be mounted on the side of your e-bike. In addition, it is stylish and beautiful. You will also get a free pump mount with the purchase.

Das ist Engwe Luftpumpe

2. ENGWE Mini Bicycle Pump for Bicycle Tires

As an air pump for e-bikes, this product consists of a bracket, a portable 105g pump and 2 screws. The tire pressure is 120 PSI, which is suitable for high pressure requirements. Road bikes typically require higher tire pressures (usually between 80 and 130 PSI) to reduce rolling resistance and increase speed and efficiency. That's why this electric bike air pump with a pressure of 120 PSI can fully meet these requirements.

Das ist Engwe mini Fahrradpumpe

3. ENGWE Intelligent Pump with LCD Display

Compared to the two electric bike air pumps mentioned above, this product with LCD display is not only equally convenient and easy to carry, but also smarter. That's why it is the test winner of the electric air pump for bicycles.

An LCD display enables a precise display of the current tire pressure, which is particularly important to ensure the correct pressure for different types of tires (e.g. racing bikes, mountain bikes). You can monitor the pressure in real time as you inflate the tires to ensure you are not over or under inflating.

If you are looking for a smart pump with LCD display, don't miss this air pump from engwe! It offers many advantages. It is compact, easy to use and has a clear LCD display for accurate pressure display and adjustment.

Das ist Engwe intelligente Pumpe mit LCD Display


If you don't want to inflate your bike tire by hand, you can use electric air pumps. Electric bicycle air pumps are a practical and efficient tool for every cyclist. They provide a convenient way to maintain optimal tire pressure, improving bike safety and performance. When choosing, you should pay attention to max. pressure, battery capacity and additional functions in order to find the best product for your needs.

If you want to know more about other accessories besides the air pump , you can visit Engwe to learn more.

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